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Breakups: Lead By The Spirt

There was plenty of blame to go around (of course more on his side). While I could sit there and rack up an entire list of things my partner did wrong, and have friends who would co-sign and cheer me on as I did so it did not feel right this time. I couldn’t blame him, I couldn’t even blame God the only thing left after going through this test yet again and failing was ME.

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Your Test is greater than your Triumph

In my young wisdom I would often tell people “Life is a test” having no real understanding of what that meant I just thought it sounded deep. “Life is a test” I would tell friends and family members hoping they wouldn’t question this concept any further. The more I have grown themore this wisdom has become so real to me. It was as if in those earlier days I had prophesied my future understanding. The greater understanding I received; the more I sought to align my life with Jesus Christ; the more test were thrown my way; the greater I had to fight for my life through test and trials.

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