My Tumor & Toxic Products

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I had an epiphany! While I was so precarious about the quality of the food that I was putting into my body I needed to take the same concern with the products I was using ON my body. It wasn’t long before I was scouring the internet and my medicine cabinet for items that were possibly causing me harm.

You see, roughly 12 years ago I discovered a lump right under my left armpit. I was worried and went to the doctor, only to find out that I had tumor they called fibro adenoma; thankfully it was not cancerous. I had the lump removed only to discover another similar lump 5 years later under the other armpit that I decided not to have removed. I was really perplexed because my family has no history of cancer, and the only culpit that I could point to was my diet and lifestyle. I noticed a huge change in the lump when I eliminated dairy from my diet. And this year I started to wonder if my deodorant played a part in my lumps. Growing up I was always slathering ungodly amounts of deodorant on because I was an athlete and my pitts always smelled. Now as an adult I wondered if this habit was causing me harm. I switched up my deodorant to a natural brand and then slowly progressed to just using a lemon slice. It was a game changer. My lump reduced in size, and I smelled so much better.

I also decided to change out my toothpaste, face wash, body wash and all the cleaning products in my home. I found that the following toxins were in the products I was using before:

  • Parabens are found in deodorant as well as many cosmetic products. In a study done in 2004, parabens were linked to breast cancer. They are said to disturb the body’s hormonal balance and to mimic estrogen, as estrogen is said to play a part in breast cancer formation.

  • Aluminum compounds act as a plug in the sweat ducts and briefly stop the flow of sweat. These compounds are also absorbed by your skin. Just as the parabens, these compounds can mimic estrogen, which promotes growth of breast cancer cells.

  • Formaldehyde prevent bacteria growth. This chemical is considered a human carcinogen by The International Agency for Research on Carcinogens (IARC). This toxin has been linked to occupational related cancers: nasal and nasopharyngeal. It is known to cause allergic skin reactions and it may also be harmful to the immune system. It can be found in nail polish, body washes, conditioners, shampoos, cleansers, eye shadows, nail polish treatments.

There are many others, but I just wanted to encourage you all to do your research and find out what beauty products may be causing your body harm. One of my favorite websites for looking up products is the Environmental Working Group, it will give you a full breakdown of many of your favorite products.

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