#5amclub: Let Go & Embrace Peace

One of my biggest breakthroughs was in the area of control. For too many years I tried to control every single aspect of my life. I didn’t know it at the time but it was slowly destroying me. I remember the pain of holding in stress because things were not going my way. After a year of therapy, I finally learned to let things go. I knew that the stress would eventually kill me. I learned how to be okay with not being okay.

This is what makes this scripture in Luke 33 especially meaningful to me, God promises that when we let go of our lives and surrender we actually save our lives. It took years to finally understand what this means, and when I did it felt like taking a huge weight off my chest.

The devotional in this week’s wellness guide focuses on this area, along with morning moves, a delicious recipe, and a worksheet to help you create healthy habits: now.paparoxi.com/let-go-embrace-peace