Getting my life in Roatan

Roatan is a hidden gem. I stumbled upon this little island off the beaten path location in the Caribbean. It was January and I was in need of a vacation. I lean toward Central/South America because of the climate and my basic understanding of the Spanish language. Roatan (what little I knew) seemed ideal. The flights were affordable, many expats resided there as well as it was formerly an English colony meant that English was spoken throughout. You can’t  get much better than the beautiful blue hues of the Caribbean ocean.

One of the reasons I love to travel so much is being removed from daily life has truly allowed me to reflect, rest and make better decisions when I get back to reality. I love being immersed in a new culture and seeing life from a different perspective. It makes me less ethnocentric and more empathetic to people who are different from me. I loved my time in Roatan and I wanted to share some places that I recommend visiting:

Cocolobo Lodges : This place also has a wonderful airbnb listing. The location was ideal only a 5 minute walk to town yet off the beaten path. The place overlooks the water and the host is very kind.

Town of West End: Wonderful little beach town, nice and easy to walk through. I love how you feel like a local and have a very authentic experience.

Spa Baan : One of my favorite times on the trip. My sister and I got a massage here, and it was the best! They also had a dock with water sports and a very tranquil pool.

Coconut divers : I took the introduction to dive course and went for a 40 foot dive all within a couple hours. My instructor was very calm and it was an exhilarating experience. I highly recommend.

Captain Action Boating: So I don’t always love being on boats but this boat tour was incredible. For 8 hours we went diving, explored the Cayos Cochinos islands and had the most delicious lunch. If you get sea sick bring pills. I would certainly go again.

Barena’s on the beach: One of my favorite things to was to sit on the beach and have a beer. The entire town wrapped the coastline so you could pull up a chair and relax at any moment. Also this activity was essentially free!

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