Fitness: 5 Ways to Beat a Sugar Craving


We have all at one time or anther experiences that craving for something sweet. Especially if you are new to healthy and trying to break a sugar addition. I have overcome many of cravings with a few simple remedies that I keep stocked in my kitchen just incase the craving hits. The great thing about sticking to a healthy diet is that cravings become less and less over time. So here are a few items that will satisfy your sweet tooth when the craving hits. 

Homemade Juice: Nothing quite hits the spot like an apple, carrot and ginger juice. The sweetness of the apples and carrots really does satisfy any sugar craving. Not to mention that your body is getting the raw nutrients from the ingredients. 

Citrus: When a sugar craving hits me I usually run for a tangerine or orange. I find the the super sweetness of these fruits usually satisfies my craving. Oranges and tangerines are filled with vitamin C and are a good source of fiber. The vitamin C is especially crucial during the cold and flu season. So not only are you meeting your sugar need you are also doing something good for your body. 

Green Smoothie: A healthy fresh smoothie always does the trick for my sugar cravings.The sweet elements of the smoothie are great, plus the nutritional value is there. I will usually have a smoothie as my breakfast or instead of having a late dinner.

My favorite recipe is:

1 Frozen banana 

1 cup fresh kale 

1.5 cups of vanilla rice milk

1 TBSP of natural peanut butter

1 scoop vanilla VegaOne protein powder

.5 Cup of blueberries


Dates: You have to be a little careful with this one. Dried fruits are very high and sugar but just like anything you have to consume in moderation. Also dates are natural sugars that are not processed so with respect to digestion it is better for your body. These delicious dried fruits are also a great substitute for sugar in carrot cake and baking recipes. 

Tea: I am a certified Tea fiend. I love tea because you get fruity and infused flavors without consuming actual food. Some of my favorite flavors when I am having a sugar craving are: Cinnamon strudel, peach cobbler and peach tea. Tea is a great way to curb any craving. 

I hope these tips help you to curb your sugar craving attack. What helps you over come sugar cravings? What is your go to healthy snack? Share your recipes, tips and thoughts in the comment below.