Food: 5 Habits of Healthy People


Over the course of my weight loss journey I have noticed several distinct habits that I have adopted that helped me stay healthy. The amazing thing is that I have noticed many other healthy people doing the same things. So I thought I would share some insight on several things that healthy people do to stay healthy. 

Eat Breakfast. Almost everyone I have met that was battling with weight gain never ate breakfast and the opposite is true of people who are in shape. Personally, I can not get past 10AM without eating something. I start feeling tired and sluggish and not to mention hungry. I believe when my metabolism gets to a place where it is properly burning what I consume, I can’t go for more then a few hours without eating. Therefore, sleeping for 8 hours and then waking up I usually end up famished. The cool thing about your metabolism is you can train it and change it simply by doing what you should do and eating breakfast when you should eat it. 

Drink Water in the Morning. One of the first things I try to do every morning is drink 3 cups of water with lemon. This serves two purposes. For one, it rehydrates my body. During sleep I get very dehydrated especially in the winter months because of the dry heat used to warm my apartment. Secondly, the water activates my bowels allowing me to eliminate toxins and waste. 

Indulge from time to time. The truth is that no one eats perfect for every meal. Through the holidays and different events there are times in life where we eat food that is not exactly healthy. However, healthy people usually know how to stop the indulgence. Personally, throughout the holidays I had several unhealthy moments; however, by the next meal I was back to eating well. I wouldn’t let one unhealthy moment turn into an unhealthy day or week. 

Exercise is a way of life. At first it can be very difficult to get moving again. From the tingly/itchy feeling your thighs have when you first start; to learning how to breathe; to the uncomfortable chest tightness it can be downright dreadful. However, moving past the initial symptoms exercise can be incredible. There are so many benefits to getting moving. I have found that healthy people find something they love and stick to it. For me it has been my love of endurance sports like triathlon and marathon. Everyone is different, so think about what motivates you in life and maybe you can hone in on an activity that can give you moving. 

Eat Raw Produce. There are so many benefits to eating uncooked fruits and vegetables. You are getting fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Healthier people usually incorporate one to two raw meals per day or have multiple raw snacks. Personally, I have seen the positive effects of incorporating raw meals into my daily diet. I have experiences better digestion, clearer skin and less instances of getting sick. 

Its a new year! A great time to start incorporating many of these healthy habits into your lifestyle. Health is not a destination it is a journey. You will constantly evolve into the person you want to be. What are some healthy tips that you have implemented in your life? How have you changed your way of life to be healthier? Share your tips, thoughts and motivation in the comments below.