Food: Does your burger have pink slime?

News broke this week that McDonald's has banned the use of “Pink Slime” in its burgers. The results of a campaign led by chef Jamie Oliver urging food makers to stop the use of this meat additive. “Pink Slime” consist of meat scraps (the non-usable parts of beef that used to be shipped to dog food plants). The scraps are put into a centrifuge and the meat and fat are separated. The resulting meat parts are then washed in ammonia and water to kill the bacteria, E. Coli and any other living organism.

As crazy as this process sounds, according to the FDA there is no need to label the use of ammonia in this meat because it is considered a “process” and not an ingredient. Additionally 70% of ground beef products are said to have this additive in them.

I am not shocked by this news. Just by scratching the surface of the food industry you will find dirty and harmful practices. However, I wanted to share this information because I know people are not aware of where their food comes from. It is the “Iron Curtain.” There is no coincidence that as FDA regulations on food are more lax there is a cancer epidemic. Could cancer be the result of consuming small doses of ammonia over a lifetime? We don't know that yet.

Like Jamie Oliver says, if you need a ground meat fix buy a meat grinder or go to your butcher. Or better yet go team veggie!