Faith: Change hurts, but hold on!

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As a woman of faith I often find myself having very candid conversations with God. In the beginning they were more like one sided arguments and pity parties. However, the more I found out about the nature of God the more our conversations progressed. Little by little I started to notice small changes in my life. God pointing me to do this and telling me to stay away from that; walking as he patiently guided my footsteps. I almost never have suddenly moments with God he has always brings me through. People talk about overnight miracles well that most definitely is not me. Sometimes I get really frustrated with that; seeing so many people in my life get blessed with things I have been praying for, for years. It gets really rough, but tonight God reminded me that change hurts.

In almost every uncomfortable situation I have been in, I have always grown. Looking back I always prayed for God to deliver me from the hard stuff immediately but he chose to bring me through. I had to be in those moments to become myself. I had to go through the hurt of losing someone to make me compassionate to those people going through the same. I had to be broke and penny less in order to understand how to invest and save. I had to be sick and unhealthy in order to value my life and the temple in which I dwell. I had to die in order to really live; and more importantly to teach and inspire others around me to do the same.

Life happens in the ugly, hard and tearful moments. Times when we think we can’t take it another day; that is when life happens. We change and grow through the ugliness and hurt; that faith we carry through the hard times becomes the foundation of our joy. We not only see ourselves for who we truly are but we see God for who he truly is.

 I think often of the things I could do to speed up the process of waiting on God and to hurry the change. I am sure people wonder why I have not made it to certain milestones in my life. For instance so many people have been reminding me of my singleness lately, even people I would have never expected. “You’re so pretty and smart, did you ever think of dating (insert random guy’s name)?” It is hard to explain to people the concept of waiting on God and patience it takes when God is really ordering your life. It’s hard not to cave into the culture we live in and the demands of family and friends but there is a better way.

I’ve already lived the life of trying to satisfy the world’s expectations, and it is not a fun existence. I did it for many years chasing after this job, following after this man, holding on to false ideologies and at the end of it all I was left more hopeless and depressed than when I started. Yes now my steps are ordered by God but I wake up every day with an extra pep in my step, I genuinely have so much love in my heart it hurts, the peace I have is indescribable and I glow with the love of God.

I know that times get hard but HOLD ON! Be encouraged. There is a reason that you are there. Embrace being molded and broken right now. God loves you. Become a student of your life, take in the lessons that the hard times bring and think daily about what God is trying to teach you through your circumstances.

Are you going through a hard time? Is it hard to follow God’s lead for your life? Have you successfully made it to another mountain top? Share your success, trial and encouragement.