Faith: So you want to be Michelle Obama?

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The First lady gave a riveting speech last night. What I loved most about her speech is it felt as if she was talking directly to me; in my living room, just two girls chatting. The way she talked about her intense love for the President, her devotion to her children and her responsibility as a public servant, is quite inspiring. There was such an overwhelming response to the first lady’s “awesomeness” that I began to wonder: have I embraced my own inner Michelle? Yes, it is quite easy to play the blame game and point the finger at all the media figures who don’t uphold her same values. However, I thought why not try to embody more of the characteristics of Mrs. Obama in my daily life. What things can I start doing today that would be more like our First Lady? Where I display more love of family, country, community and more importantly myself.

Taking care of your body: Before we can conquer the world we have to make sure that we are fit and healthy. Managing plate portions, eating more green leafy vegetables and incorporating physical exercise into our daily routines will strengthen our bodies. We will begin to glow from the inside out.

Challenge: Start eating one meal per day that is completely raw consisting of just fruits and vegetables.

Lead by example: Mrs. Obama is not only fighting childhood obesity she is a living example in her own home. She works out and eats healthy. We can take a page from her book. How many times do we criticize others for areas that we have not even mastered in our own lives? Instead of telling someone to change be the change. If there is someone close to you that you want to do better start living a life they can be inspired by.

Challenge: Spend time with someone in your life who you normally criticize. Show them how much you love an appreciate them and let your light shine. 

Invest in You: Life and being busy often gets in the way of working on us but it is crucial to invest solid time in building a better YOU. Michelle clearly has spent time working on her craft as a lawyer and pursing the effort to become better. What are the goals you are pursing? Whether you dream of starting a blog, losing weight or becoming a media mogul it takes time and a solid investment in yourself.

Challenge: This week start one book that pertains to your passion in life.

Edify family: I used to look at my family from a flawed point of view. Always seeking and wondering what they could do for me. But, as a woman of God I now seek ways in which I can improve their lives for the better. What book or knowledge can I share that will enrich their lives? What dinner can I prepare that will show them how to eat healthier? How can I cheer up a family member that is feeling lonely? This is one of Mrs. Obama’s most admirable qualities.

Challenge: Plan a healthy activity for your family this weekend that will bring new knowledge and allow you to serve them.

Impact the community: Mrs. Obama’s main job is to serve her community as first lady. We often see her working with children, volunteering with military families and visiting poverty stricken areas. That type of work not only serves the disadvantaged but it enriches our own lives. I strongly believe we all have talent that can be used to serve someone else. I recently began the process of becoming a volunteer to work with battered women. The opportunities around us are endless.

Challenge: Identify a cause that you are passionate about and find an opportunity in your local community to get involved in the next two weeks.

Watch your words: The words that we use reveal our true character. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype of bashing the latest celebrity or judging the women on reality shows but those words are harmful. Yea it seems like mindless entertainment but it reveals to the world what is in our heart. I fight sometimes not to tweet or update the first witty humorous slander that comes to my mind; it’s a challenge. If we strive to immolate a woman of good character we have to take the lead from Mrs. Obama; not once in her speech did she speak ill of Governor Romney. We can do the same in our own lives.

Challenge: For one week try not to talk about anyone. Turn down every opportunity you have to give your opinion on someone else’s decisions. (FYI: it’s hard).

Please feel free to share your comments and your experiences while attempting to be more like Mrs. Obama. I am excited to recommit to some of my values over the next several days. What are some other ways you feel we can be more like Michelle? What are areas you battle with in your own life? Share your thoughts and Comments!