Fitness: Ego vs. Ability

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Hey Roxies! So if you follow me on any of the social media platforms (twitterinstagram, facebook,tumblr) you know that lately I have been experiencing knee problems. I have been training for amarathon and right in the middle of one of the most crucial weeks of training my knees were in pain. I have been forced to take some time off and rest as well as see a doctor to address the issues.

When it comes to fitness and doing endurance sports I often think of myself as invincible. I believe there is nothing that I can’t do physically if put my mind to it. However, last week was humbling. I was forced to sit down while being in great cardiovascular shape. This injury got me thinking about my ego. Yes, over the past year I reached the peak of my personal fitness by completing an Ironmam 70.3 last October, but since the race I haven’t been that consistent. I started marathon training two months ago by dropping in on week 4 of an 18 week plan and forcing myself to complete the miles when I wasn’t as in shape as I should have been. While I have completed triathlons, this is my first marathon and I pushed myself to train on an intermediate level. This all is the perfect recipe for INJURY.

Yes, this little ego of mine high off my athletic accomplishments for the past two years thought I could push myself into completing a marathon in less time then I needed. I pushed my body daily and instead of my body rewarding me I ended up injured. I believe now that injury is not always a result of overuse but a result of pushing your body when it is not ready to be pushed. My doctor said my leg strength should be better for an athlete of my caliber.

So here I am forced to address my ego and ability. I am thankful that I didn’t do any real damage to my knee that can’t be fixed by strength training and stretching; and I should be back running this week. I also realized, just as patient and consistent as I try to be in my life, I need to apply the same wisdom to my fitness journey. It’s not about trying to be the fittest in the shortest amount of time; fitness is a lifelong journey. I want to be 80-years-old running races and completing Ironman, God willing.

For many of you starting out for the first time don’t push yourself to the point where you get injured but also don’t do just enough to get by. Find your balance and listen to your body, follow a plan and if you don’t know enough research and get a trainer.

Have you ever pushed yourself more then you should? How do you plan to remain fit for the rest of your life? What is your biggest obstacle to getting fit? Share your thoughts and comments.