Faith: My Enemy = The Inner Me

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The biggest enemy is not your haters, your naysayers or your rivals it is the enemy living within you. Yes! I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. In our ego driven society we are so used to striking a pose and flaunting our attractiveness all over social media that we build this false sense of self-confidence. Yes, we think we look great but do we truly love ourselves or know our worth? As someone who has battled with my own self-worth, I know that there is lingering self-doubt that is not fixed by being an instagram model. Some of the worse things that are said about us are not even from the people that “hate” us but it comes from within.

I have talked myself in and out of reaching goals. I have doubted my talents on so many occasions, that I can’t even count. I have told myself that I was not ready, not smart enough, not thin enough and not experienced enough. I have said things to myself that I would KILL the next person for saying to my face. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we beat ourselves down? I believe that we are this way because instead of focusing on God, our own lives and dreams we focus on the world around us. We are focused on celebrities who have more success, money and resources than we do. We focus on friends and acquaintances that appear to have more than we have. Through various media outlets we are always up to date on the latest that is happening in someone else’s life. Media outlets are not even giving us an accurate representation of the people we follow, because it doesn’t show the hurt, hardships and trials that are faced on a daily basis. Mentally we begin to view our own lives through these false lenses of perfection and berate ourselves, talk down to ourselves and stop ourselves from being who we are meant to be.

STOP. YOU ARE AMAZING! Stop letting that inner voice inside keep you from fulfilling your purpose. Sometime I just need to step away from observing everyone else’s life and observe my own. The word of God says we are beautifully and wonderfully made; with a pre-destined purpose (psalm 139:13-17). So if God thinks so highly of us why do we think so lowly of ourselves? This is a constant battle for me. Daily I have to pray for focus and strength but it is possible to truly be delivered from self loathe. I know for a fact.

Take your eyes off the world around you and fix them on God. Fix them on finding your purpose and making your life an inspiration for others to follow. Our time on earth is so limited; so spend it loving who you truly are and speaking life to yourself.

Do you battle with your “inner-me”? What are some of the negative thoughts you have conquered? What do you believe is the reason we are so hard on ourselves? What is your advice to someone struggling with this? Share your thoughts and comments.