Faith: The Case Against YOLO...Disciple

YOLO discipline.jpg

You may be familiar with the term that rapper Drake has made very popular YOLO meaning “You Only Live Once.” The philosophy behind the popular use of YOLO goes beyond stating the obviousbut delves into day to day decision making. Should I save my money now or blow it on a new pair of shoes? Answer: YOLO. Should I stick to my diet or eat this large slice of pizza? Answer: YOLO. Should I hook up with this guy that is totally wrong for me or wait for someone who is worthwhile? Answer: YOLO. You get my drift. I am all too familiar with the YOLO lifestyle because that’s how I used to live; I even based a whole relationship on the principle. After years of living my life making decisions based on a whim I was left depressed, fat and broke. The down side of YOLO is not so glamorous.  

I can see this flawed philosophy in so many aspects of our culture. When did we stop fighting for our lives? When did mediocrity become so popular? I say this with the best of sentiments as I was someone who was a slave to YOLO. I broke free from that mentality when I understood how great my purpose in life was; and how my desire for an amazing life outweighed the pleasure of any instant gratification. I received strength and peace from God; I got clarity about my purpose through Christ. This life isn’t easy and I couldn’t do it on my own.


The aspect of YOLO I do like is the reinforcement of our limited time on earth. If we want anything great we have to have the disciple to work hard, sacrifice and the ability to focus on goals. It’s a little comical that the same affluent successful people who are talking about YOLO are the same ones that had to sacrifice and discipline themselves to excel at their craft.

There is no magic pill to conquering a goal. When I was 65 pounds overweight and trying to lose, there were moments when I just wanted to go to KFC and order a bucket of chicken and say YOLO with my middle finger in the air. Yes, all that food would have made me feel happy at the moment, but then I would feel depressed about my lack of discipline. Discipline your life and get serious about your purpose. Discipline and self-control is a gift from God. I seriously believe it is something we forget to realize when we run around thinking the devil and people are sabotaging our lives when it is us the whole time.

There are still areas of my life I am still learning to disciple, but I am working to be better every day. What area of your life is hard to discipline? What is your take on the term YOLO? How have you conquered a goal by being disciplined? Share your thoughts and comments.