Faith: 1 year older

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Yay! Today I step into a new age. I feel super blessed to be able to see another year. At some point I should start feeling anxiety about getting older but I don’t. Aging is awesome. I am so much wiser than I was before. I look and feel better than I did when I was younger. More importantly I LOVE the woman who I am today. I am not perfect but I am more “me” than I was a year ago. At every age we think that we know everything there is to know about life. It’s hard for me to imagine that I will be even wiser and smarter than I am today. Having the humility to understand our own limitations is what makes aging so beautiful. I’ve gone from a thick headed 18-year old to a peaceful 28-year old. I am so blessed to have realized that change is constant that I am an ever evolving being. I understand that I am better today than I was yesterday and it will only keep getting better. So here are the top things I have learned over this past year:

I have issues. Everyone says they have issues and just accepts them; but I acknowledge my issues and try to be better. This year has shed plenty of light on the fact that I am far from perfect. I believe the daily reminders serve to keep me humble. I am on a quest to be the best me I can be before I die.

When you get what you want, it won’t always look like what you asked for. Last year I was praying and pleading with God for my own apartment and a new amazing job so that I could move. Well I didn’t realize till a few days ago that God gave me what I wanted it just wasn’t as fabulous as I had imagined but it’s what I needed now. Learning this truth is so helpful.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. I spent even more time this year investing in the betterment of my life. From developing a rich spiritual life, starting a garden, training for a marathon and volunteering for causes I support I have grown leaps and bounds. My peace and love is on a thousand million. It’s all because daily I take the time to invest in me.

You reap what you sow. I always looked at that statement from a negative aspect but this year I used this logic for the power of good. The more good I sow the more good will come back to me, in some form or another. I live by this now.

Crying is healing. I joke with my best friend because I will literally plan time to have a cry party. Crying is often seen as a weakness. However, I believe this release of emotions leads to a more balanced life. Management of your emotions is key to a successful life and if you suppress your feelings they are bound to come out one way or another. I cry when I am happy, upset or I just don’t know the right words to say. My tears are healing.

I love Jesus. I have to be honest and vulnerable for a moment. Some people have noticed my evolution on social media over the past year and think I have just become “more religious.” But the truth is I have always been this way, I just stopped caring what others were thinking. The truth is 2 years ago when I was 65 pounds overweight, heartbroken, alone and suicidal the only thing that saved my life was Jesus. He has been there since March 30, 1997 when I got saved. Knowing that Jesus wants to have a deep meaningful relationship with me, that his love is never ending and that I am made stronger through the power of God has changed my life completely. I now KNOW for myself. His love and power is available to anyone, you just have to have faith. Salvation Prayer.

Well Happy Birthday to me!!! I am so thankful to all of you who are reading this and for supporting my dream. I hope I can continue to live and inspire for many years to come.



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