Food: Sweet Potato Scramble

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This is the perfect healthy Sunday brunch recipe. It is really easy to make and it taste fantastic.


1 Corn on the cob

1 large sweet potato diced

¼ Yellow Pepper

½ Red Onion

¾ cup of coconut meat

4 oz of Extra firm tofu



2 Tablespoon of Coconut oil

3/4 table spoon of sea salt

1 table spoon of Sazon (salt free kind)

½ tablespoon of Black pepper

1 tablespoon of onion powder


1 Dice up all your vegetables into nice bite size pieces

2 Heat up your pan with coconut oil and add all of your vegetables and set your tofu to the side

3 Allow the sweet potatoes to cook thoroughly it takes about 15 minutes to get tender. Add all of your spices and let cook under medium high heat. Allow the veggies to get a little blackened

4 Add your tofu and cook for 6 additional minutes

5 Serve while hot and enjoy!