Faith: The fruit of your life

Fruit of your life 600px.jpg

We are all on the search for truth to some degree or another. I don’t knock what other people do because we all have our own journey. My path is unique to me and I share my story so that it will inspiresomeone else not to say “Copy exactly what I did to get what I got.” I feel compelled to share because there is evidence of progress and excellence in my life that wasn’t there before.

As a person of faith I call this evidence FRUIT. The fruit in one’s life can be good or bad. As a new gardener I understand more than ever that fruit takes a LONG time to grow. I have spent months watering, feeding, pruning, rehabilitating and slaving over my plants to get fruit. I used to think that if I just watered a plant every day I would get tomatoes…WRONG.  I also had to shield the plants from danger. A month ago a bird landed in my garden and destroyed two plants and planted a nest. Then my tomatoes experienced blight for several months. This same philosophy is true of our lives. What type of fruit in your life are you preparing to produce?

Whatever you nurture and protect in your life will produce fruit. If you eat clean, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water your fruit will be a great health. If you are kind to others, sacrifice your time to helping and love earnestly your fruits are great relationships. Conversely if you don’t trust anyone, talk about friends and judge people the fruit of your life will be envy. If you always have an opinion about other’s romantic relationships, watch trashy love reality shows and talk about the scarcity of men chances are the fruit of your life will be desperation. I have harvested both good and bad fruit.

The bittersweet thing about fruit is that everyone can see the fruit in your life. It is called evidence for a reason. The more good fruit you water in your life the more you will begin to shine and vice versa. Recognizing fruit in your life also helps you see fruit in other people’s lives. Recognizing fruit in other’s lives will keep you out of bad relationships, treacherous friendships and bad business situations. This discernment will protect you from becoming vulnerable to false teachings. Regardless of what people say the fruit (evidence) is clear. We have all heard the old adage “Talk is cheap.”

The only way I was able to produce good fruit in my life is through Christ Jesus. In the past I tried so hard to be fruitful and do great things but I always ended up frustrated. It wasn’t until I fullysurrendered, that my life changed.

What type of fruits are you nurturing in your life? Have you ever had bad fruit in your life? What would make your walk in truth easier? How have you been able to tap into faith? Share your thoughts and comments.