Food: Where to find cheap produce?

My produce last night only  $42.50

My produce last night only $42.50

So the other night I posted a picture on Instagram of the goods from my weekly shopping trip which amounted to $42.50. I got several messages and comments from people who were astonished that I spent so little on produce. So today I wanted to share some places you can get your produce that won’t break the bank. It is quite possible to eat healthy on a budget but you have to think outside of the box. Mainstream grocery and convenience stores over price produce because of the daily cost of shipping, gas and delivery; which are built into the cost of the item. The smaller the store the greater chances you will find a steal. So, here are some of my favorite places:

Farmer’s Market: This is a great time of year to get fresh produce at a bargain. Saturday is a great day to head to a farmer’s market. Even flea markets offer vendors selling fresh produce.

Mom and Pop store: There are so many small fruit and vegetable markets in my area. These places usually have a local produce supplier and their produce is dirt cheap. Google or ask your neighbors chances are there is one near you.

Aldi: One of the few chain grocers that offers cheap produce. I don’t understand how their produce is so inexpensive and great; but I don’t ask I just buy!

Local CSA: CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Basically local farmers provide produce to people for a yearly or a season fee. This works out great because the produce is at a discount and you are eating seasonal fresh items. The average CSA runs about $30 per week for 10 pounds of produce.

Food Co-op: A food co-op is a collectively owned grocery store that is not run for profit, and is used to benefit the people of the surrounding community. Typically you can find produce EXTREMELY discounted at a co-op, the only thing is you have to become a member. Memberships are either paid, or you can work at the co-op a few hours a month in exchange for membership. This is a great way to eat healthy on a budget. Here is the link to the NYC fourth street co-op.

These are some of my favorite options for cheap produce. Do you have any suggestions to where I can find bargain produce? If you do please share!