Superfood: Beets


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

My relationship with food has certainly changed over the years. When I was obese I used food as comfort. My eating habits have become better and I now think of food as medicine. The more nutrients and life I eat the more health I will have.

Yesterday in the grocery store I was picking up some of my favorite vegetables when I strolled by the beets. I never was a big beet person, but I remembered Top Chef Contestants making amazing things with beets so I decided to get a few. I am so HAPPY that I did! Yesterday I made a kale beet dish that was AMAZING!  I even chopped a few beets up raw over my salad for lunch. In 24 hours I consumed almost 2 raw beets. Low key think I over did it on the beets because the next morning I woke up to a stomach ache. It wasn’t major but it was noticeable. I called my dad who is my personal homeopathic guru and he told me that beets are SERIOUS cleansing agents and that he often has to dilute his beet juices because of the potency of the juice. Ah ha!

This only intrigued me more (and secretly made me want to eat more beets). I love foods that naturally detoxify your body. Here are some diseases that beets help to elevate:





Blood circulation

Kidney disorders

Skin care


Gall bladder disorders


Heart diseases

Be adventurous and try some beets the next time you are grocery shopping. By them fresh, they taste way better than the canned version. Eat life!