Faith: مكتوب Your Life Is Written

Maktub it is written.jpg

A while ago a friend put me on to the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and it has forever changed my life. The book was a boy’s journey to finding his treasure and realizing his personal legend. The boy maps out his precise journey to his treasure, but his life takes several different detours until he finally reaches his destination.

This book combined with my spiritual work, praying, mediating and reading the Bible gave me an epiphany the other day. Every day I wake up and pray to God to get me closer to my dream however, I realized that God has already given me my dream. The universe has already conspired so that it has given exactly me what I want. I just have to get there. You’re probably thinking “I have already heard this,” but I finally GOT IT.  All the praying, pleading and crying out are pointless My dream is writtenand is waiting for me to get there. 

It all seems so simple, as if success in life is only a stone’s throw away. The problem is navigating the detours (like when GPS says recalculating route). These are the times when we don’t trust our intuition, the times we procrastinate, the times we follow the crowd and the times we don’t listen to what God is trying to tell us. Yes, detours prepare us however, if we allow it detours can also last a lifetime. In the book the boy faced many of these detours which included financial hardship, staying behind for love and getting too comfortable in a position that wasn't his dream. 

It is written. There is a plan for our lives. Big or small, by the nature of us existing at this very moment we are contributing to our personal legend; that greater purpose which may be bigger than our lifetime but will be realized. It is a matter of if we will be the one to help realize this greater purpose. Can we quite our lives down enough to listen to what God is trying to tell us? Listen to that deeper voice within that tells us to go to that place, send that email, pick up that phone, meet that person or just have self control.

I am tired of the detours. I am tired of falling out of the will of Greatness. It has already been written.There is no need to stress or worry for the things that I want because the moment I understood my purpose all those things were waiting for me.

They are waiting for you too. What is your dream? What is your purpose? Do you feel this will help you to simplify your journey? Share your thoughts and Comments.