Fitness: Don't Buy it, Won't Eat it

Buy it Eat it .jpg

At times hunger is so hard to manage. If we go too long without giving into our hunger we over eat and if we are constantly feeding ourselves to avoid hunger then we become over weight. It is very tricky. This weekend I was in yet another hunger balancing act, when I headed to the kitchen for some food. To my dismay there was nothing there I could eat quickly. I searched through the cupboards only to find lentils, quinoa, brown rice and oatmeal. I went through the fridge only to find leafy greens, carrots, tofu and squash. I wanted to scream. I had subconsciously grocery shopped my way out of overeating.

Let me explain. You see while grocery shopping the week prior I brought nothing that I could eat right away (expect for fruit, however when I am hungry for a meal that does little to help the cause). All of my food took time to prepare. If I was going to eat it was going to be fresh and it was going to be something that was well thought out (patting myself on the back).

Just think, no one puts a gun to out head and tells us to buy cookies. There is no one standing there about to stab us if we don’t buy the ice cream. Yet we struggle and we do it to ourselves over and over again. Yes our food addictions and trials stem further than a trip to the grocery store, but why not start there? Shop on purpose. If you don’t buy the bad food then you won’t eat it, right?

Well I had to pass on my trick to you all. Avoiding purchasing snacks and quick eats at the grocery store has helped me to maintain my weight and eat more nutritious meals.

How do you manage your hunger? Do you think it is as simple as not buying bad food? Share your thoughts and comments.