Fitness: Becoming Mentally Thin

think thin 2.jpg

I had a very interesting conversation with my father recently. He is in the midst of doing a detox and he shared with me that he is attempting to mentally form new healthy habits and a positive attitude toward food. It made me realize that we do have unique attitudes, behaviors and patterns with it comes to food. I even venture to say that before we can become fit on the outside we have to become mentally fit first.

Looking at my own battle with the bulge I see how learning to rethink has paid off. Here are a few areas that I consistently failed at when it came to my cerebral relationship with food:

  • Whenever I went out to eat I would have to order the biggest and the best thing, I felt that if I was going to spend my money I might as well get plenty for what I paying.

  • Holidays and events were an eating sport. The rules of the game were to eat as much as you can without passing out from a food coma. Also making sure you left room for dessert!

  • Leftovers? I didn't believe in them. I believed that you had to eat it all now, tomorrow is not promised.

  • Mindless eating. At home with little to do I always gravitated toward the refrigerator. It was as if I was a magnet and my fridge was a huge piece of steel.

Those were just a few of my mental faux pas. I really had to take time and retrain my brain. I began to understand that eating was not a sport. While eating plenty of food feels good in the moment I was always pissed when my jeans no longer fit. I became more aggressive and less passive about eating. Most of this behavior was a result of letting my subconscious lead the way instead of consciously making choices.

I wouldn't say I have completely won the battle over my bad mental habits but I am much better than what I used to be. I am a work in progress and I am thankful that I was able to recognize and correct my bad habits. 

So what are some of your bad mental eating habits? Do you believe you have to be mentally thin first? Share your thoughts and comments.