Fitness: Cross train, barefoot?

Lady Foot Locker Harley 600px.jpg

Recently I was invited to attend an amazing boot camp style workout with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. He has trained stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Halle Berry and is also one of the cohost on ABC's talk show The Revolution. Seeing as though most of my workouts are solo missions to never never land (biking up mountains ect.) I was thrilled to be able to sweat and work it out with other fitness queens like myself; thank you Lady Footlocker!

One of the coolest parts was that New Balance and Lady Footlocker actually gave us gear. Seeing as though most fitness clothes aren't exactly cheap I was happy. I was really impressed by New Balance'sMinimus Zero sneaker as a cross trainer. Since I mostly train for endurance events I typically only use two types of sneakers: biking and running. I was pleasantly surprised at my adoration for this sneaker. The design is so that it feels like you are almost barefoot. I was a little skeptical when I put them on (based on my lack of arch I usually have to get sneaks with tons of support) but the low heel and light feel allowed my body to do its thing without feeling like I had anchors on my feet. Since the event I have not been able to take the shoe off its the first thing I turn to go lifting or hitting the bleachers (also the pants I am shown wearing here by Lady Footlocker feel like butter during my Bikram yoga classes!)

It was great to sweat and train as a team something that I need to do more often. At the end of the workout we were cheering for one another and motivating each other to finish strong. The best part of it all was I felt like I was barefoot!