Fitness: Can you maintain this diet forever?

Maintain Health diet .jpg

Often people reach out to me and ask “How Can I lose weight?” They tell me their stories of struggling with weight for years and attempting to lose those last stubborn pounds. I know the story all to wellmyself. I had been trying to lose the same 30 pounds since leaving high school. I tried everything on the planet to lose weight some healthy and some not. The only way I was able to succeed and maintain was by drastically changing my eating habits to a diet that is mostly natural and veggie based. This works for me because I love to cook and I really enjoy eating food that I know is going to be great for my body in the long term. I look at it as my “retirement plan” because I am investing in taking care of my body now so that it will be good later. More importantly above any of the benefits, I am happy.

BUT...that is ME. Everyone is unique. We each have our own body issues, likes and dislikes. The first question you should think about when attempting a new diet or way of life is this: “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, then don't do it.

The best example of this is my own personal journey to health. When I was obese I used to envy people who I deemed as “Health Nuts.” I wanted so desperately to be active and to eat well. From personal experience I knew that my trigger foods were anything with white flour and chicken. I always gained weight after a spaghetti dinner or a trip to the Olive Garden. Eventually, my desire to be healthy and fit outweighed my desire for pasta and chicken. However, if I were to follow a diet where I could never drink wine again it probably wouldn't work.

My hope is that you will find my journey inspiring. When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy I encourage you to take knowledge from various sources and forge your own path. You know yourselfbetter then anyone on the planet and deep down and inside you know what you have to do.

Share your thought and questions. What is something you could never give up in your diet? Have you had any diet pitfalls? Was it due to these reason?