Fitness: Long Hair & Fringe Benefits of Healthy


As a child I specifically remember this one occasion where a family friend asked my mother how to grow her daughter’s hair long like mine. I was standing next to my mom listening to her explain how she used olive oil, how often she combed and the type of shampoo she used in my hair. I remember tugging at my mother’s dress trying to get her attention. When she finally did acknowledge me I said to her “Tell them that we don't eat beef and never have candy.” My mom laughed it off but clearly modern research shows that I was on to something. 

Many times when we start to eat healthy we become so focused on weight loss and physical changes that we forget about the additional benefits that come along with that lifestyle. So today I want to discuss some of the fringe benefits that are associated with being healthy.

Healthier Hair: Most of us want to have a long full head of hair. Genetics plays a big part in hair type however; another factor is the quality of the food we eat and our hydration level. Think of hair like a plant. When you water a plant, give it sunlight and proper plant food the plant grows big and strong. However, when the plant doesn't have enough sunlight, oxygen, adequate food and water the plant dies. The same is true for hair. We can use all the products in the world to try and make our hair grow but if our diet is off then it will be unsuccessful. Additionally, Studies have shown that consistent amounts of physical activity increase blood flow to the scalp causing increased hair growth.Resource Resource 2

Glowing skin: Everything we eat becomes part of our body, the good and the bad. Eating an abundance of foods that are full of vitality (fresh fruits and vegetables) will increase the quality of your skin. Personally I have suffered from acne on and off for years. I have beaten acne in recent years by maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Seasonal juice fasting has also helped rid my body of toxins that cause acne. I recently learned that one of my triggers is diary. The acidity level in diary throws my pH off causing acne. I encourage you to investigate. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and decrease the volume of acid forming foods. Resource

Rarely sick: This is by far my favorite fringe benefit of being healthy. Battling a cold, the flu or a fever is terrible and takes a toll on your body. A few years back when I was very unhealthy I constantly suffered from congestion, colds and I always had a yearly flu. I am now happy to report that my health is much better. I strongly believe this is due to the high levels of nutrients I ingest daily and my lifestyle changes. Drinking freshly juiced greens, getting enough rest, eating lots of raw kale, cutting back on alcohol and my healthy addiction to grapefruits has really paid off. Being sick is nothing more than your immune system weakening and becoming more susceptible to germs and viruses. We strengthen our immune system my eating better, getting enough rest and cutting back on stimulants. Resource

What do you think? What are some of your fringe benefits to being healthy? What do you look forward to the most about living a healthier lifestyle? Share your thoughts.