Fitness: 6-Ways to give health on Valentines Day

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Valentine's day is usually marked by an abundance of chocolate, champagne and sugar baked treats. However, this year why not switch it up? Instead of doing the normal candies and flowers give a gift that will enhance someone's health. Well here are a few ideas of some healthy gifts that will be a hit with your loved ones or sweetheart.

Detox massage: I love a good massage, it really puts me at peace. Massages have evolved to not only be therapeutic but, release toxins and improve overall health. The ever popular Lymph massage detoxifies your body by increasing white blood cells, reducing swollen joints and removing toxins from tissues. 

Fruit bouquet : Everyone loves a delicious already cut and peeled fruit basket. I have even considered sending myself an edible arrangement on more then a few occasions. You can not beat showing your love by sending someone a bouquet of fresh fruits.

Juicer: Nothing says I love you like the thoughtful gift of a juicer. So many people who write into the website want to juice but have not purchased a juicer yet. Even people who have a juicer want a better one.

CSA: CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Local farmers offer their seasonal produce weekly for consumers to buy for a monthly or yearly fee. Depending on your community you can go and pick up your fruits and vegetables or have them delivered. This is amazing and I would love anyone to pieces if they got me this gift.

Alkaline Water Ionizer bottle: The benefits of Alkaline water are numerous from greater hydration, improved health and some say it prevents cancer. Alkaline ionizer bottle converts regular water to water that has a higher pH.

Health Food Gift Card: My trips to the health food store can get quite expensive. Between the sulfur free shampoo and the veganaise it adds up. While a gift card might seem impersonal, doing the research to find a local store that your loved one may frequent will add the personal touch.