Faith: Your intuition can save your life


A few weeks ago many of you may have seen my tweets about moving. I was so excited because I found a place close to NYC and I didn't have to make the daily commute. The place was in a nice neighborhood, close to where I am working and in my price range. I did overlook a few cosmetic details but I thought I could make this place my own. In the days leading up to the move I was having difficulty confirming paper work with the landlord, strategically planning the move and several other details. The big day of the move came and I had so much anxiety. I was thinking “I should feel really happy” but instead I was nervous. Addtionally, I am usually The Hulk when it comes to lifting heavy items (mattresses, couches, boxes) however, that day I could not lift a thing. My parents came along to help and since the day hadn't gone smoothly it wasn't until night time that we arrived. Upon getting out of my car to meet the landlord someone who appeared drug addicted (and of no relation to him) walked straight into his house. I felt even more anxious. As soon as my mom walked into my apartment she was upset, she sensed something was off and voiced her opinion. Well that was the nail in the coffin. Her clear upset nature and all the red flags throughout the week were signs that this was not the move. So with my entire life packed up in a moving van, I headed back home.

Initially I was in shock but thankful. I think if I had been a little older and wiser in life then I would have trusted those initial pangs of anxiety and avoided the costly move. My mother's strong  reaction was just want I needed to confirm what I was already feeling. Honestly, this experience had me questioning my own judgment. I felt embarrassed that as an adult I could so clearly put myself in harms way. After thinking about it I realized that my judgment was clouded. I was seeing the proximity to work, the location, price and the urgency to move instead of looking at all the warning signs.

This was a big (expensive) lesson. I learned exactly what intuition feels like and when to act on it. Intuition, is that feeling at the pit of your stomach that something isn't right. You ever notice when you have that internal pang of intuition but you proceed with your own agenda that nothing goes right. Intuition is feeling nervous for no reason about a situation that seems fine. Humans have these internal warning signs for a reason, its to protect us. So don't fight it. Learn from my experience which was costly but could have been fatal.

Share your thoughts. Has your intuition saved your life? What does your intuition feel like