Faith: Become the love you want

love you.jpg

Happy Valentines Day! I hope that your life is filled with lots of love always! Today some of us may be focused on the romantic love that we want but have we become that love?  Are we excelling at being compassionate, loving, giving, considerate and affectionate? It is so easy to play the blame game and blame ex's or past loves for their inadequacies but we seldom point the finger at ourselves. Have we become our ideal person?

I am going to be honest I talked about this topic almost a year ago in a previous post. However looking back I don't think I was quite there. Our relationships outside of our romantic ones are a great barometer of how much we've have changed to be the love that we want. Are you there for your friends when they are down? Are you patient with unruly relatives? Are you genuinely happy for the people in your life? Can you selflessly love someone when they are being difficult to love? Do you hold a grudges?

These are tests of how far we've come. I believe when you do evolve to become better then love is soon to follow. Becoming someone who is patient, loving and considerate is like unlocking all the barriers to your heart and opening the flood gates for great things. Its funny because people always say that love happens when you least expect it, and this is true. The reason is you are so busy being happy and in love with all the other aspects of your life the romantic piece becomes less important.

Like everything I talk about on the site I am a work in progress. My “true love” is yet to be known. Do you think this is true? What is your experience? Share your thoughts!