Fitness: 30 minutes won't cut it


I know the title of this post sounds harsh but sometimes we need tough love. This is something I have dealt with in my fitness journey. I remember for years I would go the gym do my little 30 minutes on the treadmill and then I would go over to the crunch machine and do 50 crunches. I was not along when it came to that lack of effort. I thought I was “going hard” at the gym for months and wonder why I was not seeing any results. Now I look back at those days and chuckle.  My mindset then was just doing enough to get by instead of really putting in the work to sculpt the body that I wanted.

Most people want a body like Ciara on a Paula Dean diet and exercise plan, and that just won’t cut it. I believe the biggest thing I did to transition from that mindset; is to get real with myself. Be honest. Am I really going to the gym and giving it my all? Do I spend enough time working on my problem areas? Do I stop when it hurts or it’s uncomfortable? These are questions that you have to ask yourself. It is important to be honest about your fitness journey because when you start getting real with yourself you will get real results.

The easiest way to go harder at the gym is to enlist the help of others. Do you know a friend that is really fit that you can tag along with at the gym? Go take a boot camp class, hire a personal trainer or sign up for a charity endurance event where they provide coaches. These are all ways you can get out of the box. I know the task seems daunting and the road to health seems so long but it is possible to have the body and the level of health you have always wanted. It starts by taking the first step out of mediocrity.

Time is the most precious thing we have. Commit today to not living another minute unhappy with your body and health. You are the only one holding you back from living out the rest of your days in the best health of your life. Commit and kick butt!!!

<3 Roxi