Fitness: Strong Woman


A little motivation for Monday

Common always spits knowledge:

Love, your happiness don't begin wit a man 
Strong woman, why should you depend on a man 
I understand you want a man that's resourceful 
If he pay your bills, he feel like he bought you 
Talkin to a friend, about what love is 
Her man didn't love her, 'cause he didn't love his 
Hugged her from afar, said what I felt 
You never find a man, till you find yourself 
Time helps mistakes, you can learn from 
'cause one man fucked up men you shouldn't turn from 
You want a certain type of guy, gotta reach a certain point too 
At the destination, a king will annoint you 
Goin through the storm, many bodies stay warm 
That relationship died, for you to be born, you worth more 
Than anything you could cop in a store 
For you to grow he had to go so what you stoppin him for 
Not even I could ignore bein alone it's hard 
Find heaven in yourself and god