Fitness: 5-Ways to lose 5 lbs

5 ways 5 pounds .jpg

Lifestyle changes come about by creating new healthy habits. It is often hard to create a good habit. Things like going to the gym and eating less sugar can take time. Well today I wanted to share some simple quick things you can do to lose 5 pounds:

  1. Be a party pooper. Its hard when your at a gathering or event because the abundance of FREE food is your opportunity to indulge. Between the pass around food, cheese plates and desserts it can be overwhelming. Now calculate how many functions you go to per year and the pounds start to add up. Well the next time you go out eat before you go, this will help you from over indulging. Next tip is when you get there just sample what is being served. This will cut back tremendously on the calories you consume.


  2. Kick your beverage to the curb. Try for two weeks to give up all the drinks you consume. The coffee, juice, tea and soda and trade it all in for water or seltzer. You will be SHOCKED at the results.


  3. Take an hour away. Throughout the week we get into a routine of eating. However, try to stop eating one hour earlier then your usual cut off time. This will make a big difference over the course of 2 weeks.


  4. Stop skipping breakfast. I know this is a difficult one for most people but this helps in a big way! I notice when I eat a really good healthy hearty breakfast dinner ends up being very light. Furthermore I eat less throughout the day.


  5. Save some for later. One of my biggest time saving and waist trimming tips is to take half of my dinner plate and wrap it up for the next day's lunch. It is fantastic. Not only did I save on the calories of eating all that food, but now I have lunch for the next day!

I hope you find these tips helpful. Let us know what you think. Do you have any tips of your own? Share your thoughts and comments.