Faith: An Open Heart?

Open Heart _ paparoxi .jpg

On the OWN network this morning an author said "in our deepest moments of despair our heart become open to change." Its funny because if you are not a super spiritual person then that might sounds cliché or corny. In my mind I envision the planets aligning at this one moment for great opportunities to happened, like an internal apocalypse. I began to think about my own life and whether this author was right. When things happen in life that cause us to be heart broken, angry, hurt or depressed are those moments one way portals to change?

There is one particular night in my life that came to mind. It was a night in January of 2010, that changed my life forever. That particular night I was upset after seeing on of my old boyfriends who I had loved so much, completely moved on with someone else. I had already known, but something that night was triggered. I started crying uncontrollably and I was so severely upset. Being upset like that has a domino effect, its like you are upset about one thing and then you start digging up all the other reasons to be upset. I was upset about being job less, I was upset about being forced to move back home and I was upset because my life at this moment looked nothing like how I imagined it would.

The difference between this moment and all the rest is that I began to cry out to God. I began sobbing and praying asking for peace and answers. Well that night God answered me saying, “You are a strong woman you need to pick up my sword because the end is near”. This moment forever changed my life. I felt an overwhelming calm. It was divine.

The next day I signed up to do my first triathlon and to raise money for leukemia. I became heavily invested in spending hours reading and researching about Love, God and working on myself. I took the steps to become a volunteer with my local nursing home and I signed up to be a soccer coach. I got happy. I took the steps toward becoming stronger and I picked up God's sword which is love and the end to that era in my life came. My pity party was over. I was on a mission. This was my “open heart” moment. I am sure its not my last.

Have you ever had an “Open heart” moment where you life was forever changed for the good? Please share and comment.