Fitness: The dirty truth about poop


Okay we are going there today! Usually when the conversation about poop comes up there is a problem. Well I am hear to tell you today that poop is a very good sign of your overall health. Sometimes people will write into the website and ask about weight loss. They often tell me they are doing everything right and cant seem to figure out why they are not losing weight. One of the initial questions that I ask is how often do they go? Some people are shocked or embarrassed but you would not believe the answers that I get. Right off the top most people don't go enough, and after that women go far less then men. In my personal experience with an abundance of fiber in your system is around 2 times per day more or less.

Pooping is a great thing. In my experience when I am in the heart of my triathlon training; meaning I am working out 5 times per week, eating very healthy and just eating when I am hungry, my body begins to metabolize at warp speed. I go into super human mode and I am operating like a machine. The most interesting thing is that being in that state I “go” after every meal. I know to some that sounds extreme. However, since I know my body is capable of operating on that level it is my barometer for the quality of my health.

What is your barometer? Often our intake of natural fiber determines how often we go to the bathroom. If you are new to the paparoxi or just increasing your intake of fiber the chances are you will see an increase in your visits to the bathroom. In my personal experience there is a direct correlation between being constipated and overweight and slimmer and regular. As I became healthier my gastrointestinal system started to perform faster.

So I urge each one of you to take an inventory of your health by looking at your stool. How often are you going to the bathroom? Do you feel bloated or weighed down? Due you have fatigue or increased acne? These are all signs that you may not be pooping as much as you should.

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