People: Greg Baldwin


Greg Baldwin


Owner/Trainer Greg Baldwin's Fitness

New York, NY

What event(s) are you currently training for and what does that include?

I am currently training for the Key West triathlon. It includes a 1500 meter swim, 24.9 mile back ride, 6.2 mile run.

What does your weekly workout out look like?

Due to my work schedule, the toughest thing to do is map out a weekly schedule that will allow me to train with the same schedule every week. I am usually free to train during the afternoon hours. I try to focus on my weakest area the most... swimming. I swim about 4 days a week an hour at a time. I typically use my Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday's ( my most consistent scheduling days) to do my bike and run training. Though most triathlons order of events are swim, bike, then run, I usually will start by taking a 6 mile run through Central Park, back to the gym and then cycle for 2 hrs.

What do you think is the hardest part about training and doing an endurance event?

The hardest part of doing a triathlon is maintaining consistency with your personal, work, and social life while doing as much as possible to prepare yourself for the event. There WILL be some aspect of your life that you can't give much time to because of the unbelievable commitment. There are moments when you are completely drained mentally as well as physically. It takes focus, determination, and a strong mind to maintain your sanity throughout training.

What benefits/rewards do you get from competing?

After spending majority of my life as an athlete and competing in intercollegiate sports while striving to pursue professional football; I felt a void in my life for a long time. Though I've had numerous experiences throughout my life, there is nothing that has given me the level of satisfaction and comfort I get from competing in sports.

What advice would you give someone looking to compete

I would advise someone of the time constraints associated with doing a triathlon. I would help them understand the commitment it takes to compete and finish a race. It is extremely important to give each portion of the triathlon the attention it needs and to give priority to training your weakest area. It is rewarding to participate, compete, and finish a triathlon no matter what place you finish in. There is an overall sense of camaraderie you experience from all the other participants who've endured the same obstacles you have to get to that moment.