My Blog: Your Personal Style


So this Friday I thought we would keep it light and talk about fashion. I am a bona fide fashion junky! I love it all. Many of us have a manifold of options to choose from when it comes to style. You have the biker look, military chic, grunge, ethereal whatever your heart desires. However, as the old saying goes “Everything is not for everybody.” And this is particularly true with fashion.

We have all gone through bad fashion phases in our lives. I remember when I was in junior high school and I was obsessed with the movie Clueless I would sneak thigh highs to school and wear them with a short skirt. I thought I was so cute, however when I got caught my parents thought I was anything but cute. As recent as 2008 I saw a photograph of myself the other day with thick black tights and leopard printed peeped toed shoes in the dead of winter (Shaking My Head). So what is the difference from then and now?

Well for starters, I feel that I know myself much better and so I know what works for my body. I think in the past I was a fashion troubleshooter. I wasted a lot of money on clothes that just didn't do it for me. Secondly, I believe that my motivation behind outfits has changed. At one point I would dress to fit in with the crowd, now I don't care what others think. I dress for myself. Now I believe that my fashion sense is an extension of all the style and creativity that manifest itself in my life. Therefore, many of the clothes in my closet are similar in taste to the décor of my personal space, and the style in which I create thing online (this website) it all works together as an extension of me.

So the question I pose today: Is your personal style an extension of you? I see many people out there that get it, they are working it every day with their personal fashion sense. Then I see many people that do not get it. Its not because they are not trying, but taking a cookie cutter style like tribal, military or vintage and just throwing it on doesn't make it work. Its essential to add the YOU-factor. That is what turns a trendy ordinary outfit to a unique extraordinary look!

For me this means taking something trendy and adding accessories that represent my style or a classic shape or fit I always wear. It takes time! Trust me I am still learning. So I encourage you to have fun when seeking your personal style. I am sure you will make mistakes from time to time but, as time goes on your will eventually know what works uniquely for YOU!