Food: Tu-no Recipe


So several months ago I discovered this delicious recipe on The Sexy Vegan’s website (WATCH HIS VIDEO ITS HILARIOUS) . It looked simple enough and to be honest I watched it a few times before I made it because I didn’t know if it taste that good. However, to my surprise and pure delight this recipe is simple and DELICIOUS. Before you know it this sandwich will become a weekly staple on your lunch menu its more delicious then actual tuna! So here is my version of his sandwich treat: 


1 can of garbanzo beans (drained and rinsed)

1 celery stalk 

1 stalk of scallion 

Nori flakes

1 table spoon of Veganaise (original) 

¼ table spoon of salt 

¼ table spoon of pepper 

¼ table spoon of garlic powder 

First mash your garbanzo beans in a bowl, you don’t want them mushy just broken up. I usually use my avocado masher. 

Dice your celery stalk and scallion. Add both to your bowl of garbanzo beans. 

Add in your spices and Nori flakes. Finish this off with your Veganaise. Toast your favorite bread and Enjoy!