Faith: Learning how to wait...

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We are living in the generation of NOW. We get upset if the internet is too slow, when our food takes 10 minutes longer then it should it is grounds for a bad tip and traffic being held up for road work is simply maddening. In order for us to be happy things must happen quickly. This “have it now” mentality often translates to life's goals. We all want it now; career, love and money. We often feel depressed if things seem to be going slow. Instead of waiting for things to pan out we force the issue. We may jump into a career solely for the money and advancement instead of pursuing a career that is our real passion. We may stay in a relationship for the security instead of venturing out to find what we really want.

I am not talking about passively sitting around allowing life to pass by. I am talking about actively working every day at pursing our goals and not compromising just to have the career, love and finances NOW. The act of doing this is much harder then it sounds. I have come to terms with the fact that I am a control freak. Therefore I have had to master the art of waiting.

Waiting is necessary because it teaches and prepares us. Its the time to find out who we really are and what we really love. While we wait we become better in our career of choice and get the experience we need to get to the next level. While we wait we learn to save and pinch pennies to prepare for having lots of money. While we wait we learn to really love ourselves, and understand what we would like to find in someone that would compliment our life. Yes it is easy to say wait, but how exactly do we go about waiting?

Career. In today's job market, it is a little more challenging to break into the industry of choice and pursue your passion. While waiting master your craft. Read as many books as possible. Network. Attend events where people in that industry congregate. Don't just have a resume have a website too, take your chances to the next level. If you want to make movies, write books, or design clothes don't sit around start making your own movies, writing books and designing clothes. Again waiting is not being passive, it is a time to prepare.

Finances. Everyone at a minimum strives to have a comfortable life, where money is a non issue. While you wait for that moment in life you must prepare. I believe that life is a test and often God test us to see if we can handle the next level. So if you recklessly spend money like you have it now then chances are it will take you much longer to get to the point of financial freedom. While you wait, save, invest, look for opportunities to be responsible with money. Prepare your mind to live within your means, most millionaires have this mentality.

Love. This can be one of the most difficult areas for us to learn to wait. For some of us from the time we started dating we always had someone. Either we are in a relationship, talking to someone, have plan A thru D a text away or some type of mutation of a relationship that we have in our lives. If you have always had someone in the picture then it is often very scary to “wait” by yourself. Well if one day you would like to have an incredible love in your life then you need to become the person you want to be with. We all have some sort of mental checklist of attributes for the person we hope to be with. We want someone compassionate, loving, sexy, smart, kind, funny, giving and the list goes on. Use this waiting time to become that person. Become a little more selfless, give back to others, go to the gym become a better you.

So what do you think? Is there an area of your life that you are currently waiting in? How have you learned to wait? Have you become better after your waiting period? Share your thoughts.