My Blog: Veggie Heaven

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Hey Roxnation! Most of you are aware of my love for all things food. However, more then food I am always on a quest to find food that is extremely delicious and healthy at the same time. Well this weekend I found that in Veggie Heaven.  A quaint restaurant situated in Teaneck, NJ (the suburbs of New York city) I had an amazing 3 coarse brunch with my sister Ameera. 

Veggie Heaven’s motto is “Food that will forever change the way that you think about vegetarian food” All of the items on the menu are plant based. I tend to stick to about a 85% vegan diet with the exception of fish from time to time so I think I am pretty well versed in all the tricks of the trade when it comes to different “meats” and substitutes. So to my utter surprise and delight I was blown away when the food arrived. 

The whole experience was DIVINE! The food was amazing I was convinced that there was some type of meat in there, but our waiter assured us everything was plant based. I left feeling satisfied (really full) and happy that I had an experience with amazing delicious food that was healthy. Check them out if your in the area and tell them you saw it on PAPAROXI.