My Fitness Story

Before and after 1.jpg

It was about the beginning of 2010 when I really looked in the mirror and decided that something had to change. I was always very interested in athletics and It has always been a goal of mine to one day compete in a triathlon. Well after a series of very unfortunate events leaving a job, another break up, and having to move home I decided that I needed to start changing something so I started with my fitness. I registered with Team in Training to train and compete with them to run an Olympic Triathlon ( 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 6 mile run). I was really nervous but excited it seemed really impossible because I had not trained for something since high school and that was 8 years prior. The training was rough many nights I couldn’t walk, I was always tired and many tears were shed. However June 2010 I completed my first race and I was very proud. I was also hooked, a month later I did another Olympic triathlon and dropped 20 minutes off my time!


One thing that was not dropping was the weight. I could not understand this at all. I mean I never quite saw myself as overweight and I always had a really positive self image (I was sexy dammit! lol) but the reality of the situation was I was 30lbs overweight and I had been trying to loose that same 30lbs since high school. I always chalked it off as me just being muscular but after competing in those triathlons as proud as I was, I was pissed that I lost nothing. Labor day 2010 came and I felt it was the perfect time to drastically, I mean DRASTICALLY change the way I was eating. I went on a 40 day raw food and juice feast, I knew this was the only way that I could jump start my new way of life and after seeing the vitality (and weight loss) my dad had after 40 days of the same I was sold. The goal was to wipe my pallet/colon/body free of all old habits and start fresh on my “Vegan-ish” lifestyle. Well it worked, I lost 65lbs to be exact! I have been maintained the weight loss ( while still indulging from time to time) for almost 5 months.

Everyone has a different story. For me my mountain was Food, as a former self proclaimed “Thick chick” lol most of time food is the main issue. I have gotten countless number of emails, tweets, and face book messages with people who are spinning their wheels because they work out like Hercules but have not dropped any pounds usually those people have a food mountain to overcome like I did. I really had to change my mindset food for me is 90% of the battle and fitness is 10%, now I would rather eat healthy all day long and not workout than vice versa.

I hope my story and pictures are inspirational to you!