Fitness: A Family's weight loss transformation

Fat to Fit Family.jpg


Hey RoxNation!

Today I would like to share the story of my family. I believe that family is very important and essential to success in life, whether it be a family of actual relatives or a family of friends it is essential to have a good support system of people in your life. People, who have loved you at your worst and can celebrate with you at your best.

Well my family happens to be my support system. I have not only gone through a weight loss transformation WE ALL HAVE. In the picture above we were all at our heaviest weight. I remember during that time our family was extremely inactive. Coming home for holidays or events we would all sit around and watch movies or eat until we were ready to pop. Our family also had different health problems. My youngest sister (featured in the middle) battled with constant stomach aches and sickness, my father battled with gout and many other ailments we were not in a good place. It just felt as if our family was moving in slow motion. I view weight gain and obesity as being a symptom of a much larger issue and so during that time we were coping with a lot of instability and I believe that took its toll on us through weight gain and poor heath.

Almost a year after that photograph was taken we lost our beloved great grandmother “gram” who lived with us for many years. I do believe this was the catalyst. It was actually my youngest sister at the age of 15 (who was the closest to my gram) who started down the path to health. In less than year’s time she lost a whapping 65 pounds by changing her diet. I had already begun to loose my first 30 pounds. My father had the most dramatic transformation loosing over 100 pounds through diet and exercise. My other sister who lived in Pittsburgh at the time had ironically began on her path toward fitness too. Today we have all lost 300 pounds collectively.

Needless to say our family is completely different today. Family events and gatherings are stocked with plenty of healthy options. Last Thanksgiving we did a completely Vegan menu and it tasted AMAZING! Instead of watching movies all the time we go out for walks, play tennis and go swimming. Just yesterday my sisters and I went for a long swim at the pool only to find my father downstairs in the weight room lifting his personal best. We were always rich with love before now we are rich with health, vitality and success.

I hope this article inspires you or your family to take the first step toward a happier life. You don’t have to accept your current conditions you can change your life!