Faith: Maybe God is trying to tell you something

Who can forget the scene in the color purple when Shug Avery is at the Juke Joint on a Sunday Morning and she hears the voices of the choir at the neighboring church (which her father pastors) and she is overcome with emotion and exhaustion (years of carrying the burden of her father not accepting her) and walks into the church singing along with the choir “God is trying to tell you something” and embraces her father. Regardless of your religion or faith or lack there of it was a pretty powerful cinematic moment. And partially the inspiration behind today’s post. Since most what PAPAROXI represents is a reflection of my life I figured we cant just talk about the success but we have to talk about the “Gut Checks” too.

 I believe it is important to recognize the “God’s trying to tell you something” moments in your life and listen.

1. Series of unfortunate events

This is probably the most obvious way that God tries to get our attention. In one week you can go from happy go lucky to needing car repairs, loss of a job, cell phone falling in the toilet, finding out a family member is sick ect. In my experience it is not just one of these things that will happen it is all of them at once. When I have had times like that in my life (I am actually having one as we speak) it was God trying to get my attention. So you may ask.. What am I supposed to be paying attention to? Well it has been my experience that it was usually to some goal I had set for my life or something I knew deep down I should change. For example I used to have a serious attitude problem and I would be going along fine, some horrible things would start happening and I knew exactly what I needed to change in order to get back into equilibrium with my life: My Attitude.

2. Everything you touch turns to POO

This is a big one that many people miss day to day. Have you ever had an idea for a project? Started a job you thought was right for you? Or saw a business that someone else was doing so you tried to make it work? You may have worked hard toward that goal however nothing really materializes, you never get a promotion or your business/project never takes off…and you are left wondering why? Most of those moments are God trying to get your attention. Jill Scott has a line in one of her songs that really captures this point it is “You know what they say everything aint for everybody. but I tried anyway.” The best example I have of this is when I was in my old career in finance nothing seemed to work out, my manager couldn’t understand why my performance wasn’t better. I worked very hard and was smart and engaging so it really didn’t make sense. Knowing what I know now I would have realized that God was telling me this career path was not for me.

3. The ending or beginning of relationships in your life

This relationship could be a friendship or a romantic one but usually this is a God attention getting event. This is often very hard for people because we tend to resist any form of change. Its also very hard letting go of someone that was a meaning full part of your life however it is often necessary. We have all been in relationships with people and it just takes so much work, it is exhausting, the conflict is constant and you really don’t understand why. I think in these circumstances it is God trying to tell you to let that person go. Usually he or the universe is bringing a healthier friendship or relationship into your life so you have to let go of the old to receive the new.

What do you guys think? Have similar things happened to you?