My Blog: NYC Food Tour

NY Food Tour.jpg

One of the best experiences a Foodie like myself can have is a food tour. Basically this entailed a 3 hour journey through different types of cuisines while being at the whim of a hilarious yet knowledgeable guide. I was in heaven to say the least. This particular food tour took place downtown in the Chelsea market and the meat packing district. I had been to Chelsea Market before but I had no clue of its rich history and of coarse I have been to the meat packing but usually that was after 1am wearing a “Freakum Dress” and some stilettos. From the delicious cupcakes that I tasted, to amazing chocolate ganache, rich seafood bisque and the most perfectly cooked pasta I have ever enjoyed this tour was top notch. Not to mention the guide was HILARIOUS his energy was through the roof and it made the experience that much more enjoyable.  I would recommend this tour to anyone and if you don’t have one in your town create one!