Fitness: What is your motivation?


Hey Challengers!

It has been a minute since we last touched base. I hope that you all are deep into the groove of keeping your weight loss goals and if you are not I hope that you have at least gotten back on track this week. Today I wanted to focus on what motivates you to loose weight and stay fit. Some of you may know that I was away on vacation last week and I did manage to stay on track (maybe plus a couple pounds) but it was nothing serious, however coming back this week I really had to get back on track. It got me thinking about what my motivation is to stay slim and what continually keeps me motivated.

In my experience my motivation has varied drastically. A few years ago when I got out of relationship the motivation was to look amazing so my ex would faint (I know I know lol). At other times my motivation was to loose weight for the summer so I can look great in my clothes, or to look hot for a vacation coming up or an event my reasons were, even at one point my motivation was the Ciara “Ride” video (don’t judge me she looks great). Needless to say the motivations have been varied. However, now that I am probably in the best shape that I have been in my entire life I began to think what still motivates me? I have no major events coming up soon, I am not trying to look great for a man, and I just came back from vacation so what still keeps me going? I think my biggest motivation is the fact that I don’t want to go back to where I was and do all the hard work again. Many of you are at different stages in reaching your goal, but if you were told that tomorrow all of your hard work would be reset you wouldn’t be too happy. I guess in a weird way that fear keeps me motivated. Everything else that pertains to my healthy lifestyle is not a motivation but a joy meaning, when I go to spin class, or I eat an amazing healthy dinner its not because I am trying to stay fit in the back of my mind its because I enjoy doing those things.

This clearly has not always been my way of thinking but it is amazing to think that these healthy habits are engrained in me to the point where I enjoy them (who would’ve thought!). I hope this weight loss Wednesday that you begin to think of your motivations and how to make them into sustainable long lasting lifestyle changes so that you beat your goal for this challenge and maintain a healthy way of life. Enjoy!

I would like to hear what motivates you, feel free to leave a comment so we can start a discussion! Thanks.