Fitness: The truth about abs

Abs Collage.jpg

I have been to my share of side splitting ab killer classes. You could hear the moaning from out of the building. The people in the class would be from a wide array of fitness levels and backgrounds and we were all seeking that one goal of having nice chiseled abs. In my years of journeying toward fitness I don’t necessarily know if those classes worked. I know that on some level they strengthened my abdominals however all of us in the class wanted to see our abs not necessarily be able to hold 6 inches for an hour.

I remember Bob Harper from The biggest loser once saying “We all have a 6 pack of abs it’s just under all that fat”. That notion has stuck with me in the past few years when I really started to see the abs I always wanted. I began to run, and that is when I saw the biggest results. I started off barely being able to run a half a mile to now I am up pass 10 miles. My abs look better then they have in years, especially those years where I took the ab classes. Most of us need to change our mindset when it comes to doing abdominal exercise.

If you are new to the fitness game and you have weight to lose around your midsection taking an ab class to get a 6pack shouldn’t be your first priority.  Trust I am not saying do not work your abdominals (I still do) but the truth is this type of work strengthens your core and helps you in all areas of fitness, it does not (as most fitness advertisements would have your believe) give you a 6-pack only cardio and diet do that. And that my friend is the truth, Rox on!