Fitness: Pete Sarro


I had the pleasure of going to one of Pete’s classes for my first time last October and It was definitely an experience I will never forget. I have met tons of trainers and watched countless DVD’s but none of them had the intensity that Mr. Sarro brings to his workouts. I remember leaving that first spin class barely able to walk but I was instantly addicted and have been a devoted follower ever since. 

 One of the biggest things that I believe differentiates Pete from the rest of the field is his drive, in each class he does not miss a beat. I followed Pete starting at 4am and he brought the intensity with each and every class that he taught (mind you his last class was at 7pm) It was really inspiring to see someone doing with they loved to do with so much passion. Not only is he a stellar trainer but he also has a career of success in athletics, winning numerous high school and college track accolades, he is also an avid triathlete and marathoner. 

This weight loss Wednesday I hope that you all are inspired to take your fitness routine up to the next level. Whatever your fitness goal is you can learn something from the passion that Pete brings every single day when he “steps up to the starting line” 37 more days lets go!

You can reach Pete at