Got Protein?

Protein looks like.jpg

Hey Challengers!

I hope that everyone is on their way to reaching their goals. I know that some of you have had some set backs but don’t let that deter you from your ultimate goal! Trust me when I say you are going to feel AMAZING when you reach your goal and all the minor set backs will seem so small. Keep your eye on the prize!

Today I wanted to focus on food. As many of you may know this was my biggest challenge and I am sure this is the same for some of you. I truly believe that when it comes to diet and exercise, diet plays 90% of the role in helping you reach your goal. My personal goal for the challenge is to shed 13 pounds in addition I would like to really get “ripped” or clear muscle definition. The plan I am following is pretty strict. I am consuming 80% of my calories as proteins and the other 20% as fiber or simple carbohydrates. I am eating about 5 times per day, I try to stop eating after 7:30pm and consume roughly a gallon of water per day. I have received many questions regarding what 80% protein diet looks like, so I photographed the 5 meals I consume in one day. The portions may look a little large, however I am pretty liberal on the proteins I do consume, in addition I work out most days for roughly 90minutes.

So what does all of this mean for your diet plan? Well I don’t expect everyone to go out and copy every meal that I have here and eat the same thing for the next 43 days, this should be a guide on how some of your meals should look. Those challengers who have significant weight to loose or would also like to get “ripped” then this diet approach will probably work best for you. The name of the game is increasing your proteins and doing your best to eliminate sugars and complex carbohydrates. If you would like to follow a similar plan for your self then it is really quite simple. Make sure all of your meals are focused on a protein (shake, fish, chicken, tofu, steak ect), add some type of fiber that is low in carbs (lettuce, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, ect) and then some healthy fats (olive oil, avecado, some cheeses, ect) and with everything else that has labels make sure your serving size doesn’t exceed 20% in one day combined. An entire diet book summed up in one line. I hope this helps! Enjoy.

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have or if you need more help you can email me