Faith: "I will wait for you"

Yesterday like thousands of other people on the net I came across this video clip from poet Janette Ikz titled “I will wait for you”. Seeing some of the comments that I was reading on Facebook and Twitter I was a little hesitant to watch but I did anyway. I was absolutely blown away. God was definitely using her to speak to millions of people out there. Her words ripped through my surface and spoke straight to my heart. I think at this point I have watched more than 10 times and felt so strong as to put up a post about it today.

There are many obvious reasons why so many woman are finding this poem ringing so true to their own lives and struggles. I think most of us have been on the date with the sorta-kinda’s, the Luke Warms, andcarbon copies I know I have. To take it a step further we have been in relationships long term ones with these types of men, or maybe some of us have even married one at some point. We all know what that looks like. Knowing somewhere buried in the back of your mind that this man is not for you, but you try to make it work anyway, I have been there. The old me probably would have stopped writing at this point because I would have concluded by telling myself: “HE was just not good enough for me”, “HE has not found me yet”, “HE needs to find God and change his life”… but do you see the problem with this?

It is really easy to point the finger at the no good men out there but at what point do you examine your own life? Because in addition to the obvious message of the poem, underlying she talks about her own self awareness. Her heart attack in which she unclogged her heart of her own will and refilled it with God’s will. Or the things she has written that only God would know: Prayer. And most important the woman who she describes herself as:

“And you will know me and you will find me with the boldness of Ester meets the warm closeness of Ruth, with the hospitality of Lydia, is aligned with the submission of Mary which is engulfed in the tears of a praying Hannah, I will be the one drenched in Proverbs 31 waiting for you.”

CLEARLY she has put in some serious work on herself to even begin to vocalize in such detail the type of man that is even worthy of calling her his wife. She has done the soul searching, sacrificing, praying, fasting, and many other things involved with truly taking time to examine ones life without distraction. This is not as one comment suggest “Single Ladies Anthem” it is probably the furthest thing from that.

For me my journey started 1 year and 3 months ago, when after many unfortunate events I found myself like her (and millions of woman out there) broken hearted and starting from scratch. I started a 6 month coarse of action in which I didn’t entertain dating or relationships I just worked on me. It was one of the best decisions I think I have ever made. The distractions were gone and I spent an immense amount of time praying, reading, volunteering and I even trained for a triathlon. I am not perfect I have made mistakes since but all in all I look at myself in the mirror today and I have transformed into the woman in Proverbs 31. And if you aren’t there yet or with a sorta-kinda you can change what your waiting periodlooks like…

At the end of the day the man who has Solomon’s wisdom, attention to detail like Noah, the integrity of Joseph and the unconditional love of Christ will not find you while your still drunk texting an ex when you get lonely, or spending your last on a nice pair of shoes before you would donate it or give to a loved one, still gossiping about your friend’s man, keeping option no.2 just in case your main boo doesn’t work out, or dressed in your best freakum’ dress grinding on your girl (trust I have been there)…This man will not find you.

Every body has their own path. So the time period may not be the same for you or the means in which you examine your life and make changes will not be the same, but take the time put in the work and become that woman so maybe that GOOD man can find you, and more importantly so you can find yourself.