Fitness: Change your diet!

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Spring is officially here! And while it is not bathing suit weather yet it really is just around the corner so we at PAPAROXI decided to have a little challenge. Give yourself 60 days to get into the shape of your life! We know for everyone that means very different things. You may have significant weight to lose, or maybe just a few pound, you may want to get in shape for a 5k, or just get bathing suit ready whatever it is over the next 9 weeks we will have something for you. So we wanted to break down the challenge into 4 different categories:

Weight Loss: Trying to lose X amount of pound over the next 60 days

Inches/Healthy BMI/Healthy Body Fat: Striving to loose inches from your waist, or % Body fat or BMI

Food Challenge: Trying to eat healthier maybe cutting out meat or not eating after a certain time, many people have an optimal eating lifestyle they would like to attain

Fitness Challenge: Your town probably has a 5k or 10k you have always thought about competing in, training for a short triathlon, finishing the p90x or Insanity DVD’s, or even just getting abs to look ripped this summer.

So now that we have the criteria laid out what are some of the tools that you can utilize to get you to your goal… First, you need to do a quick diagnostic of where you are right now.

  •  Weight yourself! I know this can be very scary
  • Measure yourself and use this Calculator  to help calculate your BMI and Body Fat
  • Start a daily log of what you are eating this is one of my favorite online log’s and its free!
  • Register for a race that is coming up in the next 60 days and set a goal for self Run a mile, do some push up or sit ups, if you have P90x or Insanity do the fit test do these things till you feel you are at your max and write down how well you performed.


 Set the goals that you want to attain by Memorial day, keep track of your food intake and Exercise. Use this calculator to determine how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight. For those of you trying to get ripped, lean and cut start to covert your diet to 75% protein and cut back on your carb and sugar intake there are some great tips for this on this site also a great food list  for the first two weeks. We are extremely excited for everyone to get started! Each Wednesday we will up date you with the progress and have cool fitness and food recommendations for the week.

LASTLY: You can email us your story at please in the subject line indicate one of the four criteria you would like to participate in, also include a before picture (if possible) and before statistics (desired weight to loose, inches, fitness level). We will keep in contact you throughout the challenge and email us any questions, comments or concerns.