Food: Chickpea Peanut Curry


Chick Pea Curry.jpg

Serves 4

2 cans of chick peas

1 green pepper

1 package of tofu pressed (place tofu between two plates and put some heavy cans on top, leave for an hour)

½ white onion

½ cup of oil

1 ½ table spoon (fresh from the health food store) curry powder

¾ table spoon ginger powder

¾ table spoon thyme

2 table spoons of light brown sugar

½ table spoon of season salt

¼ table spoon of nut meg

½ table spoon of cinnamon

½ can of coconut milk

1 can of vegetable broth

½ cup of peanuts 

1 table spoon of Tahinni

1 table spoon of soy sauce

Take the pressed tofu block and dice into small squares. Heat the oil in a non stick pan and fry the tofu until the tofu gets golden brown. Strain the tofu and place on some paper towels set aside.

Open up the cans of chick peas, strain and rinse off. Place them in a non stick quart pan and let them brown also add the nutmeg. When the chick peas are nice and brown add in the pepper and onion and half of the vegetable stock and let simmer. After the onion and pepper have cooked for about 3 minutes add in the tofu and let this simmer for a few minutes. Continually add the vegetable broth as it cooks out. Now add all of your spices and stir.

Add in the coconut milk, peanuts, tahinni and soy sauce. Let cook for 10 minutes and then let simmer for 5minutes. Just to make sure all the flavors have married. Serve over brown rice.