Food: Pizza! Pizza!


This weekend I made some pizza. I absolutely love pizza and I probably haven’t had any since last November when a group of my best friends got together and gorged out on pizza and wine. So this weekend I thought I would treat myself and my family!

I made 3 pies, 2 regular pies with mozzarella and 1 Vegan with the BEST vegan cheese Diaya


3 pizza dough’s (try to get the non egg kind you may have to ask your local grocer)

2 bags of mozzarella cheese

1 jar of your favorite tomato sauce (chunky tomato is what I used this weekend)

1 bag of Diaya Cheese for the Vegan Pie

1 yellow pepper

½ white onion

½ head of broccoli

1 table spoon of olive oil

½ table spoon of parsley

¾ table spoon of garlic salt

½ table spoon of basil (optional)

3 small Roma tomatoes

Preheat your oven to 375.

Dice your broccoli, onion and pepper and sauté with oil, garlic salt, parsley and basil. Cook until all the veggies are tender.

Knead all your dough (use a little flour this will help) and spread them out on 3 pizza tins, then evenly spread the tomato sauce out on each pie. Take your bags of cheese and pour on top of each pie (remember to leave extra space for the crust). Take your cooked veggies and sprinkle them on top of each pie, with some thinly sliced Roma tomato and sprinkle some additional basil and parsley on top before you place in the oven.

Let cook for about 35-40 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. ENJOY!