Style: Retro Makeup


Roxi Ameera and I had some fun this week, here are some tips to help you get this pin up look:

  1. Make sure your eyebrows are perfectly plucked, then to make them more dramatic fill them in with an eyebrow pencil.
  2. Choose an even foundation that will give your skin a smooth and even look.
  3. The perfect red is key. We are using red revolution by cover girl. To give the lips a more finished look line the lips using a red similar to your red lipstick.
  4. Pale pinks and white shimmer shadow are best, cover your entire eye from your lashes to the brown bone. Use some soft browns or even a deep purple or blue to create an oval from your inner eye to the end of your lash line for a nice contour.
  5. Lastly extend your eye liner out past the end of your eye and up to create a cat eye.