Faith: Enjoying Everyday Life

About a year ago I came across this funny straight talking woman called Joyce Meyer. I had heard of her years before but never quite paid attention to what she was saying I just knew she was a minister so automatically I turned my ears off at that point in my life. A year ago however when I was going through a really tough time I tuned up my ears and started listening to what she was saying and I must say it has transformed my life. Regardless of what religion you are or lack thereof, I feel that she teaches people how to be better human beings and live amazing lives every single day. The faults that I found in the past with most teachers that label themselves in her category often give you large concepts that you don’t know how to apply to everyday. Joyce’s charisma and reliability make you excited to apply her teachings in your life and make it seem easy. From coping with negative co-workers, to dealing with major trauma, to just believing in yourself she really spoke to me and helped me become a better person to the point where others notice. Her teachings have deepened my relationship with God, strengthened my faith, and forever changed my life. Check her out and she also has really good daily pod cast.